Qunicy and Family Portrait Painting Commision
Portrait Painted by David Newens

Quincy and family

This commissioned family portrait painting includes my youngest ever sitter - something of a challenge as I discovered. A television showing an appropriate programme proved useful. Having tested various settings, it was mutually agreed to use the sofa arrangement with the plain background wall. The relationship/placing of the 3 figures and the arm/hand "linkages" were crucial to the composition. I find it is never successful to attempt to force sitters into particular positions, hand arrangements, etc. It has to happen naturally, which fortunately in this case happened fairly quickly without any prompting. Unusually for me, this portrait painting is of square format.

Oil on Linen on Board
24 x 24 in. 61 x 61 cm.
Dimensions of portraits are given with height followed by width. All dimensions are close approximations.
Guide Price
Guide price for similar portrait painting £4,000-£5,000
Please see price guide for more information.
Contact David to discuss a commissions and pricing.
This portrait was commissioned by
Commissioned by an American friend of the family

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